A Brief Look at Vintage Paper Dolls

A wonderful past time for children of all ages in the years gone by was to spend hours playing with paper dolls. Paper dolls came in all sorts of styles, some based purely on fashion, while others allowed you to reenact famous entertainers. Shirley Temple, for example, was the biggest and most prominent child actor Hollywood star during the 1930’s. Girls in those days had the opportunity to purchase paper doll books filled with two standard cut out Shirley Temple bases filled with all of her different outfits for the girls to imagine with at home. Here’s a look a couple of those original pages:













The history of paper dolls goes back quite a way though and actually originated during the 17th century. They didn’t start out as “toys” either rather a way to explore different fashions or ways to teach children lessons as a form of education. You can read more about the history of paper dolls from this amazing blog post located HERE brought to you by Collectors Weekly.

While paper dolls have been fast forwarded along with technology (you can now print printable paper dolls from your home printer and computer) they were also transformed a bit during the last couple of decades.

During the 1980’s paper dolls went by the wayside while items such as “Fashion Plates” came to be allowing girls who loved fashion to interchange several different outfits with one toy pictured below:


Also, with the rise of the internet into the late 90’s and 2000’s different types of items such as “Plug n Play” video games that plugged into your tv and POOF! stylist games for little girls were born making paper dolls practically obsolete.

Even today, there a number of different Android and I-Phone friendly fashion apps that allow you to change out outfits and to practice being a stylist while computer games galore utilize the same type of play for kids these days – sadly pretty much replacing entirely the need for paper dolls anymore.

As a group dedicated to “vintage” items, let’s take a brief look at a couple of different examples of paper doll books that have come to be during the 20th century and sold with much success. While, paper dolls may not be as sought after these days as much as they used to be and even now may only be considered “collectibles” at this point, stumbling upon these paper doll books for today’s second hand market would likely be a very special treasure that could still fetch a good price as well.

Here’s a couple of examples that have sold with success recently and could still fetch some great action in the resale market today. Items such as The Beatles, Marilyn Monroe, and even Elvis are still big money makers.



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