Vintage Christmas Collectibles for the Season

With the holiday season rapidly approaching and in celebration of the Vintage Collectibles week – when is there a better time to take a look at some lovely vintage Christmas collectibles for the season.

Hipsters, dealers and collectors, and even interior decorators seem to be looking to the holidays of the past for inspiration into adding vintage flare to their holiday decor this year. Mid-century items are still on trend to fly off the secondhand market shelves this holiday season including items such as aluminum metal trees or vintage glass ornaments – even lit up ceramic trees won’t stay in stock very long in large secondhand markets, including Etsy or Ebay, and may even go for big bucks!

However, decorating IS in the details. You can virtually change an entire space by utilizing some unique and not-so-hard-to-find vintage Christmas collectibles to create a unique vignette in your home that will be sure to catch the eye of not only your neighbors, but may keep your seasonal visiting company enamored in happy nostalgia in the process.

Here’s a quick look at some lovely “Pin-spiration” (photos taken from Pinterest) of some great collections utilizing vintage items.


Santa is the everlasting symbol of Christmas and many people enjoy collecting vintage Santa Clauses. Here’s a few eye catching collections of vintage Santa’s proudly on display for everyone to enjoy for the season:

This is a collection of plastic Santa’s that originated from Germany.
A collection of various vintage Santa’s from wood to plastic.
The Santa Collection of ALL Santa Collections! This one was featured in a Christmas Market…what a display!

Another collection that hipsters are apparently just RAVING about and openly and very proudly collecting and even wearing on items like sweaters and leggings are….


Yes, its true! The younger generation these days are just crazy about reindeer. And we thought it all originated from the infamous clay animation story played on tv every year – Rudolph. Nope! This is truly a HUGE fad right now, but the young ones just don’t know – they didn’t create this fad! Collecting reindeer have always been a craze for Christmastime due to their relation to Santa. Vintage porcelain companies and toy companies alike put out a variety of reindeer during the holiday season of yesteryear. Here’s a peek at some unique ones exclusive to mid-century:

christmasreindeer1 christmasreindeer2 christmasreindeer3 christmasreindeer4

Yes, while these reindeer sure are eye catching – something we found EVEN BETTER than reindeer are a huge surge in the collection and modern-day creation of these miniature “bottle brush trees”. This was a trend that came about with wild success during the 1950s when creative housewives came up with the idea to reuse their babies bottle brushes for decor! You could tell by these few collections shown below, that people would be sure to adore this idea and it will surely stand the test of time. You can even find tutorials on how to make these by clicking HERE. Here are some very clever ways to display a collection of bottle brush trees during the upcoming season:

By selecting a variety of sizes and colors and placing them on a vintage silver tray, you could easily decorate a chest of drawers, an entryway, or a bedroom with these delightful mini trees.
Pairing these with a vintage crate and lining it with vintage tinsel is a great decoration using the smallest details to change around your space.
These trees seem like the perfect thing to decorate a mid-century mantel! Look how they draw the eye to the whole theme, but are all unique in their own colors and designs. This is an easy way to decorate a small living space like a condo or apartment!

We at Got Vintage? have a realm of dealers who offer vintage Christmas decorations in their shops! If you are looking for something specific in the area of Christmas collectibles, feel free to leave us a comment below and we will try our best to direct you to a reputable seller who can assist you!

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Thanks for joining us for a look at these retro Christmas Collectibles! From us to you – we hope you and yours enjoy a magical and safe Holiday season!


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