How To Pick and Sell Vintage Kitschy Kitchen Items Featuring Sfuso

There have always been people in the world who have chosen the career of being an antique dealer, a re-seller, or even a flea market connoisseur. Many of our own members here at Got Vintage? may have even gotten their start that way. But as the internet grew into a worldwide marketplace, so did those people who work feverishly to double dip in the land of picking and resale. They are those who are the ones likely to set up at those amazing flea or street markets as well as spend their hours photographing and uploading descriptions to offer their eclectic finds to a larger market through online sales venues such as Etsy, Rubylane, or Ebay along with many others.


While many of our members have “specialties” – such as a shop devoted to jewelry or a seller who may love and offer a variety of all things vintage while dealing mostly with something like linens – some sellers just have a knack for finding and flipping kitchen items. Such is our member Sara from Sfuso shop on Etsy. While Sara does offer more than just vintage kitchen items (her vintage paper and ephemera collection is stellar as well), we must admit, every time she posts on our Kitchen sharing pages our heads turn over her amazing vintage kitchen products. Here’s a glance at a couple of her items she has available right now:

This antique nutmeg grater would be an ideal addition to any hook in your vintage kitchen!
Isn’t this green coffee pot eye catching?
Sara has an eye for finding amazing corkscrews!

We were recently able to interview this kitchy vintage kitchen queen who indeed let out some of her secrets on her business! Let’s take a look at what insight she had to share with the world:

How did you get into vintage kitchen collectibles?

Well actually I never stopped using some of them, I grew up with my Gram using what she had, and then my Mom did the same. We bought what we needed from garage sales, I just bought my very first modern Box Grater last year. I saw the value in these well-made, useful pieces and then as I began diving into online sales I started seeing the decorative and repurposing ideas. I can never pass by a table of kitchenalia and not stop to see what’s there in my own shopping endeavors.

Where are some locations you may be able to locate kitchen collectibles?

Church Sales, Flea Markets, Estate Sales … anywhere that there is the possibility that someone’s Grandma’s stuff is for sale!

What are some of your best sellers?

Canisters! Aluminum Deco-inspired to painted Tole pieces; canisters are always useful and decorative. Singles and sets alike, as quickly as I find them – I sell them.

What’s a smart price point to purchase vintage kitchen items to flip for profit?

My general price point, not just for Kitchen Collectibles, is $4. My selling niche is in the $25 range, therefore, my $4 investment has a 600% return.

What was your most famous vintage kitchen item that was sold and what was it used for?

A promotional Pyrex piece, Lace Medallion Turquoise Casserole. I found this piece stuffed in the back of a cabinet in a dirty basement. It was still in its original box and wrapped in a plastic bag. My instinct told me that the “Lady of the House” put it there to keep it nice because it was something special, and it was! Sold immediately and shipped SAFELY to a collector in Alaska.

We at Got Vintage? love sharing our insider information with the public while being employed by something we are all so passionate about – Vintage!

We can’t thank Sara from Sfuso enough for sharing some of her insight into her amazing kitchen collections. Please take a moment to jump over to her shop and take a look at her kitchen items she has available now by clicking HERE.

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You can view all of our amazing Got Vintage? member’s kitchen items that are available now by viewing our Vintage Kitchen Collectibles board on Pinterest located right HERE.

Thanks for reading and Happy Collecting!

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