3 Vintage Kitchen Trends We Should Bring Back Now

Ahh, vintage kitchens. Here at Got Vintage? this includes a number of items that all relate to a vintage kitchen experience. Things like Pyrex or Anchor Hocking dish sets, vintage tumbler glass sets, silverwear with bakelite handles, old kitchen tools like choppers and graters and enamel pans, jelly cupboards and pie safes.Yes – we at Got Vintage? just LOVE our vintage kitchen week!

There is a lovely whiff of nostalgia that rings true when you are discussing vintage kitchens. I guess that could be because your mind goes back to reminiscing about sitting in your own mother’s kitchen while she was making dinners every night or even remembering as far back to the smell of coffee brewing with a coffee cake in the antique oven at grandma’s house. Kitchens are family. I believe that still rings true today in some form or another. In looking over vintage kitchen trends we discovered three kitchen traditions that are no longer around or faithfully practiced by most but we are firm believers…THEY MUST COME BACK! Let’s take a look at these amazing and terrific ideas that have seemed to slide out of tradition as time has marched on but that were ingenious ideas we must find a way to revitalize in today’s fast-paced world!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ S&H GREEN STAMPS~~~~~~~~~~~~


If you don’t know what S&H Green Stamps are, let us inform you. They were the greatest marketing ploy ever in the history of shopping. S&H Green Stamps was a system of rewards so to speak. You collected the stamps, they would mail out catalogs filled with items you just HAD to HAVE in which you could save up to turn in for free merchandise.


This was a huge collaboration with a large number of different retailers who all worked together for the greater good of the economy and to capitalize on all those extra dollars the housewives would be spending in order to earn more stamps. They were a staple in the US all their own. Items you could earn from S&H Green Stamps would range from full dish sets and mixers for the kitchen to dolls and toys for kids to fashion items like sunglasses even radios and televisions…all in the name of spurring on a greater economy. All moms knew to look for the S&H Green Stamp signs to hold the key to their extra purchasing power. While we suppose there are still “reward systems” for purchasing at some stores for repeat customers, we also know for a fact its a rare thing to be able to earn a tv or a deep freezer by shopping at Walgreens. We MUST bring this tradition back! After all, S&H Green Stamps are the bee’s knees!


Another vintage kitchen tradition that has very much seemed to slip by the way side is the art of dining. Even having a dining room in a home is not always a “thing” these days. Is this because of our fast-paced lives? Is it due to the monumental amount of restaurants, drive thru’s, and convenient dining experiences that we no longer tend to sit down together as a family or even COOK together? …What is cooking?… Does anyone remember how to do it?

In a way we are trying to be silly, but let’s face the facts – the number of restaurants in this country is astounding on its own, which lends credibility to the fact that people just do not seem to be cooking like they once were back in those “vintage” times (yes, we are talking about even the 1970s and 1980s not just the mid-century art of housewives).

There are a number of positive reasons to bring back vintage dining and cooking.

1. The Aprons


2. The Dining Sets


Yes, it is very “trendy” and so super vintage fashionable the last few years to collect aprons and dining sets. But it’s true that eating together food you prepared yourselves does in fact save a LOT of money. Even with the cost of groceries skyrocketing in the last couple of years, it is still more affordable to cook and eat at home AND you can leave a positive impact on the whole family by taking time to set down together and eat together at a table more often than just the holidays.

Let’s first take a look at some super fine apron fashions – every one wore one. There were basic aprons made to get dirty while cooking and baking and fancier aprons made especially for hosting parties…they are properly named “Hostess Aprons”.

Here’s a fine example of everyday aprons from a 1963 Sears Catalog. These were ideal aprons to wear while doing your actual cooking and most women didn’t mind dirtying these.
She is wearing what’s called a “Hostess Apron” while I’m sure she is writing down the reservation of a number of guests she will be serving her handmade feast to.
The true history of aprons…so as not to get one’s housedress dirty while doing housework. “We only had a couple of dresses each and had to keep them pristine to last us.”

Here’s some clever ways to bring back the vintage styled dining nooks. These were often incorporated into the kitchen spaces within homes during the mid century, but as time moved forward dining rooms became popular again as they were in the early part of the 20th century with elaborate buffets, full china hutches, and full dining sets for many guests. Here’s a look at a few vintage and vintage-inspired dining areas:



By creating a space in your home made specifically for family dining – whether you are a mom and dad with young children or teens or a group of friends who you call family – you can create memories to last a lifetime by dining together.

These three things of the vintage kitchen past all had meaning, reason, and worked for the greater good of others. We are betting if everyone worked to revitalize these trends, a greater good can once again be accomplished. For now…Cheers!

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