Four New Ways to Use Vintage Calendar Tea Towels

One of our Got Vintage members recently shared with us that on a private consultation she stumbled upon a huge collection of vintage tea towels from the gal she was working with. The client was a lady who is probably in her early 80’s in age and she was questioning what she could do with her vintage calendar tea towels. It’s said she opened a storage tote filled with over four decades of vintage calendar kitchen towels. She had towels dating from the early 1950’s all the way to the mid 1990’s. Never heard of calendar tea towels? Let’s take a look at some outstanding examples of calendar towels sure to appeal to any vintage collector:

vintagecalendarteatowels1961 vintagecalendarteatowels1964 vintagecalendarteatowels1975vintagecalendarteatowels1959

Maybe you remember your mom or grandmother proudly displaying these on their kitchen cupboard sides or along the wall over the back of the stove? Maybe every year, your children would give a calendar towel as they were once a very popular gift to give during the holidays for a loved one, friend, or even a teacher. These calendar towels were printed year after year in an array of styles and colors.

Well, the pleathera of these in the vintage marketplace must have caught the attention of someone – just as it grabbed our member’s attention. And someone along the way got crafty and savvy coming up with a slew of uses to revitalize these vintage linens into a useable but memorable purpose! Apparently, these calendar towels still make great gifts for a loved one’s birthday (locate the towel of their birth year) in a new and different way.

Here are four new uses that we spotted while researching the infamous calendar tea towels that we found so clever and a wonderful way to reuse what otherwise may be cut up to use a dust rag! Check out these nifty ideas:

A Reusable Shopping Bag, Diaper Bag, or Tote Bag – the uses are endless! These towels have been known to be sturdy and last for years to come, so just like was once fashioned from old jeans – someone cleverly thought to turn the tea towels into a tote bag. These could be used for a quick grocery stop, to carry juice and snacks with a couple of toys for a toddler or to second as a quick diaper bag for an infant. You could use it as a carry on for a trip filling it with a few books, magazines, chargers for your electronics, and a water bottle. This is a great bag to fill at the flea market, too! The uses – yes – are endless! Aren’t these adorable?

vintagecalendarteatowelsbag vintagecalendarteatowelsribbonbagIf re-purposing these lovelies into a bag just isn’t for you…why not utilize one for a small change purse. This could be done from just one towel and everyone has loose change laying around and they would surely be a conversation piece when you pull one out of your vintage handbag in your shopping or downtown endeavors.


Towels are warm and cozy…are they not? Someone caught wind of that idea and put two and two together for yet another clever use for the decades of tea towels that we’re sure are abundant in grandma’s closet or readily available for sale in the resale market. Can you believe…it’s…..


There are a variety of towels here to break into different seasons. We see a spring pair, a fall pair, and even a holiday pair!

Continuing with the thought that towels are warm…and in the way of making something special to hand down as a keepsake in your family for the generations to come you could easily pair together calendar towels from the birth year(s) of your immediate family members, different towels from one birth year, or a mixture of other important years that hold meaning in your family tree to build a one of a kind quilt. Here’s a look at one:


Believe it or not, calendar towels don’t have to be turned into greasy rags, disposed of because they are “dated” (get it?…dated?) or given away because the calendar year has passed as time marches on. We at Got Vintage? hope this has inspired you to create new uses for your old calendar tea towels!

Love vintage items? Want to know more ways to re purpose using vintage items? Take a look at our blog post HERE on different ways to decorate spaces in your homes using authentic vintage items!

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Thanks for reading…until next time!


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