5 Ways To Repurpose Vintage Sewing Machines

While we at Got Vintage? would prefer that vintage items stay true to their original purpose, we have to admit it’s trendy these days to re purpose vintage items and give them a whole new life and that is something we embrace! Singer sewing machines go back to the late 18th century so there is generally a plethora of them in the vintage marketplace.

In our search for some of the most unique re purposed ideas for vintage sewing machines we stumbled across these five unusual ones that will be sure to catch your fancy as well!

Someone loved this vintage sewing machine so much they needed to keep it close to them in their sewing-room-turned-study by converting it into a working lamp to admire while working under its light:

sewingmachinerepurpose1A keen idea to turn that vintage sewing machine into an eye catching display would be to turn it into workable mantel or shelf furniture by utilizing it as bookends for your favorite book collection.


A lovely way for a lady who adores pin up or vintage styling is to turn an original sewing table into a workable vanity for her to sit and pretty up at. Below is a great example of a revamped table:

sewingmachinerepurpose4Thanks to a innovative interior decorating blog, Knick of Time, they lend the idea to really be able to restore what may otherwise go as unusable. By utilizing just one side of one of the legs to a sewing table, they have put this to new use by adding vintage metal bread tins to make the perfect bathroom storage rack for the back of the bathroom door. This could be used for any number of different uses in many different rooms, not just the bathroom. Let’s take a look at it:

sewingmachinerepurpose2The most ingenious idea I could find for a way to re purpose a vintage sewing machine was only using the top portion of it. This is another way to salvage a machine that may be very worn down, have missing or broken parts or pieces, or even broken in half. As long as you could manage to save the corner and the wheel, you could really “light up” your dark corner by converting it into a working light. This light was engineered to be put on a dimmer that is controlled by the wheel on top. How clever!


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