Some Home Collection Pin-spiration from Pinterest and GVS

With us featuring Home Decor this week, we scoured one of the most inspirational websites – Pinterest – for some additional quick decorating inspiration using more vintage collectibles.

Here’s a look at some of the most unique vintage collections we came across that may lend you a few ideas to help you update your home and give you some additional vintage inspiration on what to do with that barren corner.

Why not use vintage stools to “step up” your home decor game? Here’s a clever fix for that corner:


Don’t know what to do with those walls along the steps? From your lofty space to the exterior of your home here are two eye-catching displays utilizing vintage items you can find for sale right here through out Got Vintage? group:

A wall filled with vintage straw hats was done thinking outside the box indeed!
This wall of hanging vintage teapots converted into planters is sure to draw everyone upstairs.

We adore vintage kitchen items in our group. And we aren’t the only ones! There are a slew of vintage kitchen collectibles available throughout the web from Etsy to Ebay and likely are even available in a second hand market near you. Here’s a look at a lovely hutch that was created using vintage kitchen collectibles such as these old scales, wooden spoons and cutting boards, while another person got cleaver cleaning up and restoring old silver serving trays to make a one-of-a-kind statement on their dining room wall.

 homecollections3 homecollections4

You can get away with all types of little collections in a vintage sewing room. Here are two simple collections for your sewing or linens room with inspiration from vintage globes and framed antique spools to a basket piled with vintage handkerchiefs.

homecollections6 homecollections7

We hope this gives you some new ideas on how to use vintage items in your places and spaces. If you love other home decor ideas, please check out our other blog post located HERE that looks at 8 Ways to Decorate with Vintage.

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From us to you….Cheers until next time!

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