8 Ways to Decorate with Vintage Items in your Home

We at Got Vintage? love to see authentic vintage items being restored, re-purposed, and reused in all types of different ways. It remains trendy to reuse items that were created many years ago in home decorating. This creates a unique and one-of-a-kind space that makes it especially easy to rest, relax, and retreat in. You will likely even stir up a buzz with others who come to visit on the your eye towards decorating.

With all the different rooms that come with a home, there’s so many different directions to take to make them each their own individual style. Often professional home stagers, Realtors, and interior decorators will add flare to a room by utilizing a vintage item as a way to draw the eye throughout the space. Let’s take a look at eight different ways in eight different rooms that you could use for inspiration in restyling your own home spaces with vintage.

The use of old furniture is very smart. This involved uses a piece of furniture that most likely has seen its better days while being on the verge of unusable in its original state. You can revitalize that piece of furniture into a number of different uses with a bit of creativity and some elbow grease and paint. Often people will refer to this as “shabby chic style”. Here’s some lovely examples of re-purposed vintage furniture that is used in new ways:

homedecor1 homedecor2 homedecor5

While these three pieces of furniture may not have always been used in these ways – look how one has created a different use, a new look, and an eye catching way to display and store a variety of everyday items are almost used exclusively in most every home.

Vintage crates and suitcases can be used in a slew of so many different ways in home decorating. These are often available by searching online Etsy shops, visiting your local flea markets and thrift stores, or finding them on a whim on auction sites such as Ebay.

As seen pictured below, some vintage crates were paired up with an antique beverage holder to create an amazing way to store and keep your mudroom or hallway entrances clear of shoes and boots. The beverage crate could be used to store keys, name badges, student or employee i.d.’s or even rolled up gloves, scarves, or hats during the colder months. The larger crates were soldered together and put on castors so they could easily be moved around to clean up the mud or dirt that may fall through the cracks.

homedecor3Vintage suitcases are being repurposed in so many different ways these days, it’s hard to keep up. But, this photo from Red Hen Home really caught our eye as a unique way to create display shelves while drawing other’s eyes to this what otherwise may be an empty space. As a vintage lover, you may struggle with having to cut up the vintage suitcases to take part in this idea; however, you could justify it by looking for suitcases that are in bad disarray, in need or repair, or are rescued from the curbside trash.


If you have little children under foot at home, you know its monumental to keep them busy and educated even in their earliest years. Young boys seems to be fascinated with things that use wheels – like cars or trains – while many young girls may enjoy reading or coloring. Here’s a wonderful way someone came up with to satisfy the needs of all involved – from mom and dad to boys and girls – this wagon filled with children’s books is an ideal and another unique way to dress up a child’s bedroom, playroom, or corner of a family room while using this vintage wagon.


You can even use items such as vintage fabrics, vintage scarves, or vintage linens to create a one of a kind sitting space made especially for you. If you know how to sew, you could easily utilize vintage textiles to make a lovely new slip cover for one of your rescued vintage chairs, benches, or stools. Here’s a terrific example:


One final way to decorate with vintage in your home is by locating vintage dishes. Dishes have a market all their own in the antique and vintage market with a pleathera of designs and patterns to choose from. You may pick just a handful of vintage china plates, saucers, or tea cups to decorate a wall in your room. This is an ideal way to decorate a dining room or a hallway adjoining a kitchen and dining area.


We hope you have gained some vintage inspiration to decorate your home with in this post.

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