A 2000 Year Old Jewelry Tradition – Damascene Jewelry

Damascene jewelry has literally been around for over 2000 years and it is still made from all different types of artisans and jewelry makers from makers in the U.S. to some places it even originated – such as Japan and Spain – and beyond. For those of you who aren’t familiar with what Damascene jewelry is – you may have seen it in your days of shopping at markets, antique malls, and vintage street fairs and may not have known it’s official title was Damascene. Here’s a brief look at a few pieces of jewelry with it:

An 18th Century Damascene Bracelet
Antique Damascene Locket
Sweet Earrings with the use of Damascene

While the term Damascene refers to the finish on this jewelry – it hasn’t always been used exclusively to jewelry. In fact, Damascene technique has been used on a wide array of so many different objects. Here’s a look at some other objects that this finish was used on over the centuries:

16th Century Persian lance head, 16th century, steel,damascened with gold, length 15 in. ( 38.1 cm), bequest of George C. Stone, 1935; Inscription: Dated and inscribed: (on blade, in Persian script, unread except date A.H. 1001, 1593/4 A.d. H. McAllister, October, 1946. Metropolitan Museum, New York.
This is noted as a 19th century Damascene casket
Various antique knifes, swords, guns, and other weapons used this technique
Various antique knifes, swords, guns, and other weapons used this technique.

Got Vintage? member Christine from My Classic Jewelry is well versed on many different types of jewelry and their history. She runs a very informative blog that discusses all types of jewelry techniques, history, how to date jewelry, and so much more. She informs us about three traits to help distinguish if jewelry can truly be called “Damascene” or not. Let’s take a closer look from this jewelry expert to learn more about Damascene jewelry. Click HERE to find out more about it.

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