A Look at the Styles from the 1940’s and How to Recreate Them

The fashion of the 1940’s was extremely streamlined, traditional, and is truly a time that even current day designer look back at for inspiration. The decade spanned many changes in fashion rounding out the World Wars and going without items like textiles and had completely changed into a “New Look” by the time the decade came to a close.

1940smilitaryWhat many call the “Post War” look was extremely militant looking and matched up exactly with what the girl’s soldiers were sporting – woolen and tweed “sailor” coats and pants, short and long button front vests, and a traditional style of shoe such as a penny loafer was a very long lasting fad that ran early in the decade. The war effort was very glamorized – even by singing groups such as the Andrew Sisters pictured here:

1940sandrewssistersTowards the end of the decade, Dior came onto the scene and changed fashion with his “New Look” which to this day embodies being a vintage housewife, all filled with fluff and full circle skirts. Here’s a look at his most notable look for his line from 1947 properly named the “Bar Suit” which included a wasped waist jacket and padded hips and lead fashion right into shirtwaist dresses and a bigger return to romantic style in the following years.

diornewlook1947For all of you who are longing to recreate a perfect throwback style from the 1940’s you should check out this post written by GVS Member and fashion blogger, Janice Glasser a.k.a. The Vintage Stylist on What to Wear for 1940’s Style.

Vintage Clothing spans up to 99 years old while clothing dated 100 years or more is considered “antique” clothing. The fashion that rose up during the 1940s – as with all fashion trends – seems to reappear every 20-25 years or so in some variation or another. Currently for Fall 2015, there is a great return in wide legged trouser pants so it strike with revenge yet again such as this pair that Betty Grable is showing off in during the early 1940’s:

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